NY Post: NYPD Lab Technician Suspended for Potential Improper Testing of Drugs in NY Criminal Cases

According to the New York Post, Manhattan District Attorney, Cyrus Vance, Jr. and his fellow chief prosecutors throughout New York City may have a problem on their hands. Mariem Megalla, an NYPD civilian lab technician, has been suspended by the NYPD from her job testing drugs and narcotics recovered by the police. Technicians such as Ms. Megalla are relied on by prosecutors from all of the New York City offices in pursuing criminal charges against those who possess or sell drugs and other controlled substances. Only time will tell whether the investigation reveals that Ms. Megalla did no wrong, was sloppy or perpetrated an intentional fraud. Having said that, one thing is certain. Right now, if the New York Post story is accurate, there could be numerous people charged with possessing or selling drugs in New York who should be contacting their criminal defense attorneys to ascertain whether or not Ms. Megalla tested the alleged controlled substances in their criminal cases.

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