No Pre-Summer Party in the Hamptons: DA Announces Bust of East End Heroin Ring

To the likely chagrin of the hard partying summer Hamptons crowd, Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota is already cracking down on the “fun” before the season has even started. District Attorney Spota has announced that twenty people have been arrested in a heroin ring in and around the East End of Suffolk County. It is alleged that as much as 2500 bags of heroin with a street value of $40,000 were being sold each week since the investigation began in October. Reports indicate that the bust was one of or the largest heroin drug rings ever taken down in the area. It is alleged that the crew made over two million dollars a year peddling heroin with names including “google,” “black ice,” “quicksand” and “privilege.”

According to law enforcement and local reports, 40 bags of heroin, 5.6 ounces of crack cocaine and more than $70,000 in cash was recovered from the home of Shawn Badgett when police executed a search warrant. Compounding matters, it is alleged at the time of the execution, Mr. Badgett was displaying his best Martha Stewart and Rachael Ray. However, instead of cooking a delectable treat, it is alleged that he was cooking cocaine.

In addition to the narcotics, it is alleged that Mr. Bradgett’s home was littered with money. Whether Mr. Badgett had time to make it to the bank is unknown as police allegedly recovered $73,000 in numerous places including a pair of pants that he was not wearing. The police also found $90,000 in Mr. Badgett’s safe. Completing the trifecta, it is alleged that counterfeit money was recovered from a purse.

It is alleged that a total of $173,000 in cash as well as 4000 bags of heroin were recovered throughout the day’s arrests. Those arrested included:

Terrence Dozier, Terrence Smith, Juan Pabon, Kathryn Schirippa, Michael Maffetone, Lashanne Anderson, Preston Washington, Sharieff Burton, Brian Rive, Sonya Vonica-Smith, Jessica Bosworth, Jovan Coffey, Daniel Charbonnier, Angela Hobbs, Shavar Coffey, David Patruno, Edwin Felix, Cynthia Dozier Walker and Rondalynn Williams.

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