NY Criminal Case Result: “Domestic Violence” Grand Larceny Arrest Dismissed as Accused Maintains Innocence and Prosecution Agrees

Many people believe that if you need a top criminal defense attorney, or any for that matter, you are clearly guilty of something. Whether that belief is misguided is fairly irrelevant, of course, until it is you who needs a criminal defense lawyer. That said, there are very few things in life as debilitating and emotionally destructive as being accused of a crime you did not commit. Maybe you did something morally wrong or maybe you did nothing improper at all, but law enforcement, such as the NYPD and the District Attorney, or a complainant incorrectly interpreted your acts or intent. Yes, where there is smoke there is often fire, but life teaches us that this is by no means a given truth.

You, the accused, have rights and the prosecution must prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. Their failure or inability to do so means your case should be dismissed. For a recent Saland Law PC client employed in the banking and financial sector, a dismissal of all charges, including felony Third Degree Grand Larceny, is just how the criminal case ended not merely because our client was innocent, but due to advocacy of those same criminal defense attorneys many of us believe only represent the guilty.

Our client, charged with crimes involving Grand Larceny as both a class “E” and “D” felony and Identity Theft as a class “D” felony punishable by as much as seven years in prison, was accused by a scorned lover for using her credit card without permission to purchase garments at a high-end clothing store. Whether the credit card fraud involved thousands of dollars or merely a few, our client steadfastly maintained the right and permission to use the credit card of a girlfriend. It was only after the girlfriend came to terms that the relationship would not evolve or become long term, did the bitter soon to be ex-girlfriend initiate a criminal complaint with the NYPD. As with some of these types of cases in the domestic context (by no means all or even close to a majority), the criminal justice system was manipulated to serve not as a shield against a wrongdoer, but a sword to enforce a personal vendetta.

Although our client had to come to court repeatedly to deal with and address the various felony and misdemeanor charges, our client had not other option because any plea to quickly end the criminal case was not acceptable and would obliterate our client’s career (not to mention the fact that our client was not guilty). Standing strong in the face of the allegations, our client steadfastly asserted the same defense through counsel. Our client did not wrongfully take the complainant’s credit card. Our client did not misuse the credit card. Our client had no intent to defraud. But for the complainant’s anger over the failing relationship there would be no legal nor criminal issue.

As a result of the dismissed cased our client can now without hesitation indicate on any application, FDIC inquiry, or future licensing that our client is free of any criminal history. Moreover, upon our application and request, our client’s mugshots and fingerprints will be destroyed as well as a reflection of such an arrest with the FBI. A miserable experience? No doubt, but thanks to the advocacy of Saland Law PC and the homework of the District Attorney’s Office that did not jump to a conclusion, one that ended favorably.

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