Eligible for Criminal Record Sealing in New York: Take the Conviction “Expungement” Quiz Now

The question isn’t whether you should work with a New York “expungement” lawyer or sealing attorney to hide or conceal an old criminal record or conviction, but whether or not you are eligible to do so. With the passage of NY Criminal Procedure Law 160.59, what was only offered by other states is now available to those who have criminal convictions in New York more than a decade old. Although NY CPL 160.59 and the equally important NY Executive Law 269(16) does not take effect until October 2017, there is no reason to wait until then to begin the long process to prepare your motion and petition for sealing and pseudo-expungement. Should you successfully petition your sentencing court, other than law enforcement, most public and private employers and licensing and certifying agencies will see nothing but a clean slate.

Simply, there is no better place to start on your path to a sealed criminal past than with Saland Law PC’s NY quick and easy conviction sealing eligibility quiz.

While the criminal record sealing test is educational and a great start to get a quick “answer” as to your eligibility for criminal conviction record sealing, the information provided will also answer these basics and much more.

For example, is your criminal conviction more than ten years old? Do you have more than two criminal convictions? Are you automatically precluded with three convictions? What if these convictions are part of one criminal incident? Do you have more than one felony conviction? Does your criminal record involve a statutorily defined violent crime, not merely one you believe is violent? What if you have a pending criminal case that is not yet resolved? Are you precluded for sealing even if the matter is favorably closed without a new criminal conviction? You have questions, Saland Law PC has answers.

Upon completing the quiz, additional information and links are available for a much greater and in depth analysis of New York’s pseudo-expungement law and the tremendous benefits you can realize upon sealing. Of course, before you reach that point, Saland Law PC’s Conviction Sealing Information Page has additional information on the steps, process and procedures to pursue case sealing. Even more important, Saland Law PC’s New York sealing lawyers are available for a consultation to asses your specific case regardless of whether your criminal convictions is from Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, Poughkeepsie, White Plains, New York City or anywhere in the state.

Simply, you may have made a mistake years ago that time and time again crippled, hindered and blocked your progress forward in life and your career. You can continue to pay with the embarrassment and shame of a public ally available criminal record or you can take the steps to put your past where it belongs and should stay. Don’t make a mistake and miss this opportunity.

To learn more about New York’s sealing law, procedure, process, and eligibility, the links and quiz found on this blog will provide you with the basics and information to take the next steps in “expunging” your criminal record.

Saland Law PC is a New York criminal record sealing law firm representing clients in criminal conviction “expungement” and sealing throughout the State of New York.


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