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Credit card card debt can dig you down into a whole that you cannot escape from. However, instead of declaring bankruptcy, there are alternatives ways to settle, manage or consolidate your credit card debt.

Recently, a client came into the office regarding a balance of $26,970.30 that he had outstanding on a credit card. Each month the minimum payment was escalating due to punishing interest rates on his balance. Not only was he unable to make the payments, he also had been using his deceased mother’s credit card. The credit card company was in the “driver’s seat” because not only was the client in mounting debt, but if he did not pay they could have reported his activities to law enforcement. It is one thing to not have the means to make payments, but it is another to be using a deceased individual’s credit card.

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Saland Law PC is pleased to announce that our attorneys and lawyers are offering a new service to clients. Instead of bankruptcy, we will help you re-negotiate your credit card debt to give you credit card debt relief. In doing so, we may be able to significantly reduce your credit card debt by stopping interest rates from compounding, cutting the principle owed to a manageable amount and obtaining a reasonable monthly payment that is affordable. Being in credit card debt does not mean that you must declare bankruptcy to save yourself from ruin and collection agencies. Call our attorneys today so we can help you get your life back on track. CreditCardDebtLawyers.Com

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