Best Results: Top Shelf Outcome in Hard Fought Defense for Assault

The best and top criminal defense attorneys in NY fight tenaciously for their clients. Whether that fight is a legal brawl or it rears its head in a more creative way, the former Manhattan prosecutors at Saland Law PC know how to ascertain the best path to a successful criminal defense. In fact, a client charged with Assault in the Third Degree, PL 120.00, just benefited from our experience.

Briefly, our client was charged with Assault in the Third Degree after he allegedly broke the complainant’s nose with his fists. At arraignment, the prosecution asked for bail in the multiple thousands of dollars, but we convinced the judge to release or “ROR” our client. Even before our client saw the judge for the first time, we locked a witness (the complainant’s own friend) into his statement that the complainant was drunk and threw a glass mug at the defendant. Further investigation revealed the complainant’s aggressive past as well as the complainant’s serious mental health problems. Our findings directly went to not only the complainant’s credibility, but violent nature. Although the defendant was about four inches taller and fifty pounds heavier than the complainant and there was no preserved evidence of the defendant’s injuries from the complainant, our investigation helped convince the prosecutor that the complainant may have been the initial aggressor and the defendant acted in self defense. As a result, despite breaking the complainant’s nose and admitting to striking the complainant, our client accepted a disposition where ultimately an Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal will prevent him from having (rightfully) any criminal record. Baring an outright dismissal, this ultimate dismissal after the adjournment term is a tremendous result and vindication for our client that he was not a guilty party. As a young man who worked at a top 10 international law firm, our client was not only saved from the embarrassment of the allegations and a criminal record, but he walked away with his career, livelihood and future secure.

If you are accused of a crime or under investigation for any offense, contact the former Manhattan prosecutors at Saland Law PC.

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