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Whether prosecuted as a felony or misdemeanor, the crimes of Forgery and Criminal Possession of a Forged instrument are offenses in the New York Penal Law that carry significant terms of jail and imprisonment ranging from one year in jail to fifteen years in prison. Sometimes defenses to a Forged Instrument or Forgery arrest are […]

I recently posted a blog entry briefly analyzing a Second Degree Forgery (New York Penal Law 170.10) conviction where one of the central issues was whether the defendant had the intent to “defraud, deceive or injure” the bank when a deceased man’s credit card was used and all principle and interest payments were made. Although […]

Regardless of the degree or level of the crime, Forgery is a very serious offense as defined in the New York Penal Law. While the misdemeanor offense of New York Penal Law 170.05 is punishable by a sentence of up to one year in jail, the Second and First Degree Forgery crimes can land a defendant in […]

A critical element of numerous fraud crimes in New York is one’s “intent to defraud.” This specific language is often in the criminal statute itself and is an essential part of numerous crimes prosecutors must prove beyond a reasonable doubt including the crimes of Forgery (New York Penal Law sections 170.05 through 170.15), Criminal Possession […]

Forgery in the Second Degree, New York Penal Law 170.10, contains specific statutory language. In substance, some of the critical elements are that the accused must have the “intent to defraud” and “falsely make[], create[] or alter[] a written instrument.” Moreover, in doing so, a defendant must also have “create[d], transfer[ed], terminate[d] or otherwise affect[ed] […]

Saland Law PC, a New York criminal defense firm, is pleased to announce the dismissal of all charges against a client accused of possessing fifteen forged, fraudulent and fake credit cards and gift cards. Moreover, our client was alleged to have possessed a credit card scanner. In total, our client was accused of thirteen counts […]

Maybe you stole a couple of sheets from a physician’s prescription pad and made out a completely fake prescription for drugs and medicine such as Vicodin, Oxycodone or OxyContin. Maybe you altered your doctor’s legitimate prescription by increasing the dosage or amount of Xanax, Adderall or Ritalin. Regardless of how the fraudulent prescription is drafted, […]

Although it took months of wrangling, the New York criminal defense attorneys at Saland Law PC are pleased that our client was able to avoid a criminal record after being arrested and charged with felony Forgery (New York Penal Law 170.10) and felony Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument (New York Penal Law 170.25). Prosecutors […]

New York Criminal defense attorneys from Manhattan and Brooklyn to Queens and Westchester County regularly represent individuals arrested or investigated for the crime of New York Forgery in its various shapes and sizes. When the Forgery in New York involves a “written instrument,” the applicable crime, depending on a few factors, is either New York […]

New York Forgery offenses, pursuant to New York Penal Law sections 170.05, 170.10 and 170.15, are not only distinct crimes within the realm of Forgery, but they are also separate from the crime of Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument pursuant to New York Penal Law sections 170.20, 170.25 and 170.30. In light of the […]

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