White Plains Mayor Adam Bradley Arrested Again for Domestic Violence: Allegedly Tells Wife to Hang Herself

The political nightmare and familial anguish that has enveloped White Plains (Westchester County) Mayor Adam Bradley was magnified exponentially yesterday when he was arrested and arraigned on new charges of alleged domestic violence against his wife Fumiko. According to the court complaint against Mayor Bradley, the former Assemblyman is charged with three offenses including two misdemeanors of Contempt in the Second Degree and Tampering with a Witness in the Fourth Degree.

Although his wife had previously indicated that she would not cooperate with the police or Westchester County District Attorney’s Office, it appears that the alleged abuse pushed Ms. Bradley too far. According to the complaint, Mayor Bradley accused his wife on multiple occasions as either being crazy, a lier or the abuser in the relationship. Moreover, it is alleged that Mayor Bradley went as far as telling his wife she should kill herself by hanging.

Time will tell what the outcome of Mayor Bradley’s criminal cases will be, but one thing is for sure. Mayor Bradley stands to lose his liberty, family and career.

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