Westchester County DWI / DUI Car Surrender Law in Effect: If You are Convicted the County Police May Seize Your Car

Starting December 15, 2010, if you are convicted of DWI or DUI (Driving While Intoxicated) in Westchester County, New York, you will have another collateral consequence to deal with beyond your criminal record. Whether it is in White Plains, Yonkers, Mt. Kisco or any other municipality, if you are arrested by a Westchester County Police Officer and you are convicted of any DWI crime found within VTL 1192, a local allow permits the seizure of your vehicle. To be clear, the law only applies to DWI convictions associated with the Westchester County Police as opposed to Driving While Ability Impaired (a violation and not a crime) or arrests made by local municipal police officers or New York State Troopers.

It remains to be seen whether this law will be challenged and many issues are certain to arise.

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