Top New York White Collar Criminal Defense Firm in the News: What is the Next Chapter in the Bernie Madoff Case?

Elizabeth Crotty, an attorney at the New York City and Manhattan based white collar criminal defense firm Saland Law PC, was interviewed earlier today for the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric. As a former Manhattan prosecutor and a white collar criminal defense lawyer in New York, Ms. Crotty explained where she believed the Madoff case was heading after the sentencing of Mr. Madoff. Specifically, Ms. Crotty was asked about future indictments of other participants in Mr. Madoff’s ponzi scheme. While Ms. Crotty is certainly not privy to the United State’s Attorney’s investigation, Ms. Crotty explained that assuming there are future indictments we should not expect to see those indictments for at least another six months. Ms. Crotty further stated that due to the magnitude of the case and the investigation, prosecutors still likely have many stones to overturn and a significant amount of work ahead of them to pursue other potential conspirators.

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