Top New York Criminal Defense Results: Client Arrested with Possessing Gun, Drugs and Driving with a Suspended License Avoids Criminal Record

Although it sounded horrific on paper, the New York criminal defense lawyers at Saland Law PC arguably obtained the best result for a client charged with Criminal Possession of a Weapon (a .380 handgun), Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance (cocaine), Unlawful Possession of Marijuana and Driving with a Suspended License. Despite the allegations, our client pleaded to the violation of Disorderly Conduct. This disposition avoided not only a criminal record, but jail or probation.

Our client, a resident of North Carolina, came to New York to visit family. Unaware of the laws here, the client brought a legally registered firearm from his home state into New York. When he was pulled over for an alleged traffic infraction, the police also found some marijuana and cocaine on his person in an amount consistent with personal use. Compounding matters, our client was driving on a suspended license for old tickets he was unaware about.

After providing the District Attorney’s Office with a significant amount of mitigating factors, including proof of the gun’s legal North Carolina registration and ownership, the work and familial history of our client, and other directly relevant information, all parties came to an agreed upon disposition. Our client payed off his old summonses, forfeited the firearm and over the course of the year provided the District Attorney’s Office with proof (clean urine readings) that he was not using any controlled substance. As a result, the District Attorney’s Office permitted our client to enter a plea to Disorderly Conduct with the condition that he remains out of trouble for the next year.

On par with some of our recent successes, this case, like ever case, is unique and required a specifically tailored defense (prior results do not guarantee a future outcome). All things considered, our client obtained one of the best results in the face of these particular serious allegations. Fortunately, our client’s ignorance about the gun laws in New York and possession of drugs for personal use did not destroy his career or future.

For extensive information on New York gun and weapon crimes as well as Criminal Possession of a Weapon, please follow the appropriate link. Moreover, further information on Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance and New York drug crimes can be found on the respective link as well. The Saland Law PC website and New York Criminal Lawyer Blog (NewYorkCriminalLawyerBlog.Com) also has legal analysis, criminal statutes, recent case decisions and newsworthy cases as to these and other areas of criminal law.

The New York criminal defense lawyers at Saland Law PC represent the accused in allegations of weapon crimes throughout the New York City region. Before starting the criminal defense firm, both partners served as Assistant District Attorneys in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

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