Tanya Hollander: Another Elliot Spitzer Girl Pleads Guilty for Involvement in Prostitution Ring

It is no surprise to this experienced New York criminal defense attorney that another “Spitzer Girl” just pleaded guilty today in relation to her involvement in the Prostitution and Escort Service ring known as Emperors Club VIP. Law enforcement is diligent and detailed in their investigation and prosecution of Prostitution crimes. As a former prosecutor in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, I am personally aware of the length that law enforcement will go in collecting and analyzing phone, bank, email and surveillance records to catch their target.

Although Ms. Hollander was not alleged to have engaged in the act of Prostitution, Ms. Hollander apparently violated other criminal statutes including conspiracy to violate the Travel Act. In connection to that statute, Ms. Hollander apparently admitted that she crossed state lines to further an illegal business. That business? Well, it is called Prostitution.

In New York, Prostitution is “merely” punishable as a “B” misdemeanor and by up to 90 days jail. However, as Ms. Hollander has probably realized by now, there are many other offenses associated with Prostitution that are significantly more severe. In fact, those crimes routinely include Money Laundering which, in New York, is punishable by up to 25 years in prison, and Falsifying Business Records which is punishable by up to 4 years in state prison. Moreover, even though Ms. Hollander was not alleged to have engaged in the actual sexual conduct and Prostitution, her activities that assisted and aided in that crime made her liable as if she personally did. It does not matter under the law whether you acted at arms length or you were personally involved in the conduct (look for the upcoming entry on September 8, 2008 that discusses the legal concept of criminal liability for acts of another).

Before you find yourself in any compromising situation, whether you are a “John” or a service provider, you should understand the law and how it is applied to your specific activities. While most people unfortunately wait to educate themselves until after they have been arrested, don’t be one of those foolish individuals and adopt a false sense of security. Contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer who knows the law as it relates to Prostitution, Escort Services and Unlicensed Massage.

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