Saland Law’s New YouTube Channel Features 75 Plus Network Interviews of More Than 150 Conducted Over Past 10 Months

Over the past twenty-three years as a practicing attorney, first as a Manhattan prosecutor and then a criminal defense lawyer before expanding my legal services, I have had the professional good fortune to successfully represent clients in an assortment of criminal charges and trials, Article 8 family court orders of protection proceedings, Title IX and collegiate code of conduct investigations, and sextortion and blackmail related matters. I’ve done all this while serving as a local prosecutor and then an elected official, even temporarily serving as acting supervisor, aka, mayor, in a Westchester County municipality.

However, since District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s New York County indictment of former President Donald Trump’s alleged “hush money scheme involving Stormy Daniels on dozens of counts of First Degree Falsifying Business Records, a new and unexpected opportunity arose that has been professionally and personally rewarding:  working as a legal analyst on national networks from CNN and MSNBC to more NYC centric stations like Spectrum’s NY1 and Fox 5 NYC.

Because being a criminal defense attorney and family court lawyer in New York, among other areas of law, is a full-time job in and of itself, identifying and seizing opportunities that are healthy dose of fun and have a nexus to law is not always so easy. When you can find something that helps keep you abreast of relevant criminal cases and statutes, you need to jump at the opportunity before it escapes your grasp. Though I would admittedly rather be canyoneering or mountaineering, if you can’t run off to Escalante or Mt. Rainier on the daily, fielding questions from anchors keeps you on your toes with a hint of adrenaline while helping you hone some of the skills trial lawyers use regularly in a courtroom when they don’t know what question a judge will ask next.

Since the first Trump indictment hit the news, what started off with MSNBC and NY1 erupted into over 170 appearances on CNN, ABC, News Nation, NBC and other networks. Though most of my legal analysis has involved or been centered around the former-President’s legal troubles in Jack Smith’s January 6th and classified document indictments out of Washington DC and Florida respectively, Fulton County’s RICO case, New York Attorney’ General Tish James’ civil suit, E Jean Carroll’s defamation action, and Manhattan District Attorney Bragg’s “hush money” case, networks both online and off have also invited me to discuss then-Congressman George Santos’ indictment, former-NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s legal troubles, and the issues and appeals stemming from all these matters. On a more local level, many of these networks have sought out my commentary on cases including the Daniel Penny/Jordan Neely NYC subway homicide and new criminal statutes enacted by the New York State legislature such as amendments to the state’s Revenge Porn statute and enactment of the Clean Slate Act.

Though I remain in court regularly, have a trial schedule, find myself dealing with universities assisting my student-clients with their legal issues, and helping some undeserving person, often a teen, freeing themself from a sextorter they met on Instagram, Snapchat, or elsewhere, I am fortunate to keep my schedule full and that these networks continue seeking my insight. As much as I look forward to my regular appearances on CNN News Central, CNN This Morning, and CNN Early Start, with the occasional visit to the Lead with Jake Tapper, CNN News Night with Abby Phillip, NBC’s Meet the Press Now, and MSNBC’s All in with Chris Hayes and Katy Tur Reports, among others, joining Fox 5 NYC’s evening News and NY1 ’s Pat Kiernan and Shannan Ferry is always a welcomed opportunity to dig into Gotham’s legal happenings.

With continued positive feedback from viewers and producers alike, and as long as my “day job” schedule permits, I look forward to continuing to share some of my interviews on frontpage legal cases with past-clients, future clients, friends, family, and the public. Though not all of them are saved and uploaded to my website or Saland Law PC YouTube channel, where you can find more than 75 interviews, I will continue to add more “hits”, as learned they are called in the industry, as time allows.

Thank you for allowing me to share what have been exciting opportunities over the past ten months (who knew getting glammed up on set could be so fun!). I look forward to many more conversations, discussions, and interviews with local and national networks, online and off, about the various indictments, lawsuits, and other legal related matters that are front and center right here in New York City, New York State, and across the nation in the year to come.

Saland Law was founded by Jeremy Saland, a former Manhattan prosecutor. Saland Law represents clients in criminal investigations, arrests and trials throughout the New York City and lower-Hudson Valley area. In addition to criminal cases, Saland Law represents clients in Article 8 Family Court proceedings involving orders of protection, Title IX and college disciplinary investigations and hearings throughout the United States, and victims of harassment, extortion, blackmail, and stalking.

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