Saland Law PC’s Jeremy Saland Consulted by New York’s Eyewitness News (ABC) Regarding Giuliani Shoplift Arrest

Caroline Giuliani, the former New City Mayor’s daughter, obtained an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal (ACD) in court earlier today whereby her case will be dismissed and sealed in six months. New York’s Eyewitness News consulted New York criminal defense attorney Jeremy Saland as an “expert” in the arena of New York shoplifting and Petit Larceny (New York Penal Law 155.25) cases.

As noted in the news clip, Mr. Saland indicated that such a disposition is fairly typical where the alleged theft does not exceed $100. However, although it was not mentioned during the broadcast, Mr. Saland further explained that in the event the theft is alleged to have exceeded $100 dollars, the standard offer in Manhattan is often a less forgiving Disorderly Conduct. Furthermore, if the crime involves an alleged theft of $500 to $1000, then the standard offer is at best a “B” misdemeanor of Attempted Petit Larceny.

With twenty years experience as New York criminal defense lawyers and former Manhattan prosecutors, Mr. Saland, and his partner Elizabeth Crotty, have represented and prosecuted hundreds of individuals for all types of New York theft crimes ranging from shoplifting allegations to accusations of Grand Larceny well into the multiple millions of dollars.

For further information on New York theft crimes including shoplifting as well as the various degrees of Grand Larceny in New York, please follow the respective links to extensive information regarding case law, statutes and newsworthy cases.

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