Saland Law PC’s Elizabeth Crotty Contributor to New York Times Article on Manhattan District Attorney’s Office

Elizabeth Crotty, a New York criminal defense attorney and former Manhattan prosecutor at Saland Law PC, was a key contributor in a New York Times article regarding the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office’s Early Case Assessment Bureau (ECAB). Often called the “Complaint Room,” ECAB is staffed by prosecutors who assess police arrests in Manhattan and make the ultimate charging decisions. The author of the article addressed some of the issues associated with ECAB and the interactions with prosecutors, police and detectives when cases are being drafted. More specifically, the article addressed recent criminal charges against two police officers and the apparent communication problems when interviews and debriefings are done over the phone as opposed to in person. The article and Ms. Crotty further examined whether problems were based in “miscommunication” or whether, at times, the police give the wrong information or even lie.

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