Recent White Collar Case Results: White Collar Criminal Defense Firm Gets Top Results for Clients

On a regular basis, individuals in New York such as Robin Katz (the Chase banker recently arrested in Manhattan for Grand Larceny), Lawrence Salander (the Manhattan art gallery owner) and Anthony D. Marshall (the son of Brooke Astor) are accused of white collar crimes. As a result, the accused seek counsel from experienced white collar criminal defense attorneys and lawyers who will zealously advocate for their clients regardless of the circumstances they may face.

Saland Law PC, understands how important dedicated and experienced counsel is and believes in the philosophy that it is not merely working tirelessly that is crucial, but it is equally as critical to identify and set into motion a well orchestrated plan to preserve our client’s liberty and good name. As New York white collar criminal defense attorneys and as former Manhattan prosecutors under Robert Morgenthau, we know how to not only construct a case from the perspective of law enforcement, but how to take it down as well. Certainly, each case requires its own distinct analysis, but our experience has paid off for our clients in white collar crimes involving offenses such as Grand Larceny, Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument, Forgery, and Falsifying Business Records.

Over the past year, Saland Law PC has represented two individuals investigated for Grand Larceny crimes in excess of five millions dollars and tens of millions of dollars respectively. While one client was indicted, he was not incarcerated and permitted to civilly litigate a substantial part of that money due to issues raised in the tax code. While that disposition was tremendous because our client was kept out of prison despite a mandatory minimum state prison sentence required by statute, the District Attorney’s Office agreed to drop the investigation and case against our other client after he agreed to file numerous old tax returns and negotiations revealed a financial assessment was incorrect.

Every white collar crime does not involve thefts in the millions of dollars, but are still pursued vigorously by law enforcement. In fact, Saland Law PC has represented multiple individuals accused of thefts ranging between twenty thousand dollars to well north of fifty thousand dollars. In each of the cases that we have resolved on behalf of our clients, not one of them has been sentenced to jail or even probation. In fact, some of them have even received a misdemeanor or worked out a disposition where after the client returned to court a few times, the prosecution agreed to move for an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal (dismissal of the case after six months).

Although we have been very successful representing our white collar clients, no law firm can predict or guarantee a particular result. Certainly, a particular result on one case is no indication, guarantee or promise of success on a new and distinct matter. Each case is unique and an accused may face the grim reality of a felony and incarceration. That being said, there is one thing that Saland Law PC guarantees to all of our clients – we will fight on your behalf and pursue as many legal and ethical avenues as possible to protect your freedom, rights and integrity.

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