NY Criminal Defense – Possession of Revolver or Pistol Ammunition in NY: A Crime Even Without a Gun

You are carrying .22 caliber bullets in Manhattan or .38 caliber rounds in Brooklyn, but you don’t have a permit to possess a handgun or pistol that utilizes the ammunition or to possess any firearm at all. Well, you may not have violated New York State Penal Law for Criminal Possession of a Weapon, but you are in violation of the New York City Administrative Code.

According to Administrative Code Section 10-131(i)(3) it is unlawful for any person not authorized to possesses a pistol or revolver within the city of New York to possesses pistol or revolver ammunition. Similarly, pursuant to Administrative Code Section 10-131(i)(4) it is unlawful for any person to authorized to possess a pistol or revolver of a particular caliber within the city of New York to possess pistol or revolver ammunition of a different caliber. Both of these Administrative Code violations are punishable as misdemeanors.

Although possessing the actual pistol or revolver without a permit is a significantly more serious offense punishable by at least three and one have years prison, the fact that New York City has its own laws to punish individuals who it deems are dangerous should be a wake up call to everyone. It’s not merely the firearm that can land you behind bars, but the possession of the ammunition.

In the event you find yourself in situation similar to that described above, whether it be for possession of a pistol or only the bullets, contact a skilled criminal defense attorney who will not only advocate for you, but fight to make sure your rights are secured and your future preserved.

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