NY Criminal Defense and Your DWI: Avoid a Conviction by Retaining an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

In a report recently released by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, nearly 96 percent of all Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) arrests in New York over the past three years resulted in a conviction. With this type of conviction rate it is clearly imperative that you retain experienced and skilled criminal defense attorneys who know how to handle DWI and DUI crimes. The criminal defense lawyers at Saland Law PC, are former Manhattan prosecutors who served under Robert Morgenthau and have prosecuted as well as defended these matters.

Having experienced criminal counsel is crucial because last year In New York City alone the police made approximately 10,000 DWI arrests. According to the report, DWI convictions in Manhattan were the worst throughout the city with “only” a 75 percent conviction rate. Although jail time is permitted by law, a fraction of those individuals convicted of DWI or DUI served any jail time.

Regardless of what the statistics tell us, we at Saland Law PC know that the last thing anyone accused of a crime wants to be is a statistic especially if they end up with a criminal record or a jail sentence. That is why we are available day or night to answer your questions, assess your case and to do our best to protect your rights, liberty and integrity.

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