Nurses, Physicians, Architects and other Professionals: What are the Reporting Requirements / Ramifications of an Arrest or Conviction?

In the past year alone, the Manhattan based criminal defense firm of Saland Law PC has represented a significant number of professionals including physicians, nurses, teachers and architects in addition to lawyers and individuals employed in finance. For many of these professionals, there are serious issues that may arise from a criminal case beyond the potential of incarceration.

For certain professionals, New York State requires that they certify and meet licensing requirements. The Office of the Professions is a tremendous source of information and includes applications that may be downloaded for re-certification and licensing. Even if you do not need to re-certify, you and your attorney can review the applications for particular professions to ascertain what is an acceptable disposition for your case as it relates to your career. It is important to note, however, that these licensing requirements are not the only place you should look. If, for example, you are employed by a hospital, that hospital may have additional reporting requirements relating to arrests and/or convictions. Therefore, it is imperative to not only review the information retrieved from the Office of the Professions website, but the literature, contracts, and licensing requirements from you specific employer.

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