New York Daily News Story Details Saland Laws PC’s Blackmail Attorneys and Former Prosecutors “Busting Blackmailers” and Extorters on Behalf of Clients Victimized by Business Associates, Affairs, and other Wrongdoers

blackmaol-300x208At first she demands a few hundred or even a couple of thousands of dollars. Maybe he tells you he just needs some money because of an emergency, but you know what’s coming. You’re not naive. You can see the writing on the wall. Blackmail. Extortion. Coercion. Harassment. You say to yourself, “I am being blackmailed. I am being extorted. Do I hire an attorney to get my blackmailer to stop? Is there any alternative to stop an extorter other than the police? How do I best keep all of this a secret and not expose my affair, drug use, business fraud or other wrongdoing whether it is my victimizer is telling the truth or concocting a completely bogus story?” While each situation demands a different analysis as to the pros and cons of protecting yourself through the assistance of law enforcement or an attorney and private investigator, the moment you have handed over even one dollar to your blackmailer, he or she has committed the felony of Grand Larceny Extortion. That crime, Fourth Degree Grand Larceny, New York Penal Law 155.30(6), is a class “E” felony with a potential sentence of up to four years in prison. If your extorter threatens violence and some physical injury or to damage your property, the offense jumps to a class “C” felony of Second Degree Grand Larceny, New York Penal Law 155.40(2). Again, irrespective of the amount actually secured from you or the nature of the property, this offense is punishable by as much as fifteen years in prison.

As important as it is to know the consequences of your victimizer’s actions, it does not answer the question as to what you should do. Do nothing and hope that it will stop? File a complaint with the police? Hire an attorney to stop your extorter in his or her tracks? While the first of these options is not much of an option at all, the New York Daily News’ story on Saland Law’s PC’s “Busting Blackmailers” puts one option front and center.

As noted in the article, having served as a Manhattan Assistant District Attorney and lead prosecutor in the 2004 multi-million dollar extortion attempt of NBA All Star Carmelo Anthony, Jeremy Saland now not only defends those accused of blackmail as a criminal defense attorney, but regularly represents and protects men and women who are victims of this same extortion crimes. Just like he did as a prosecutor and in the blackmail of Anthony where NYPD detectives posed as the NBA All Star’s agents to meet with extorters, Jeremy, along with his investigators, “wire up” clients, make “controlled calls” and conduct surveillance of targets when necessary. In doing so and collecting evidence just as he did as an Assistant District Attorney, Jeremy insures that all of this evidence is preserved in a way that can not only be used to confront an extorter, but can also be used later as a tool for the District Attorney’s Office in a Grand Jury or at trial should a client decide to pursue that path. One of the many benefits to victims of blackmail, extortion and coercion is that with the aid of Saland Law PC and Herman Weisberg’s Sage Intelligence, is not only the guarantee of secrecy and privacy from our professionals, but should you want to pursue shutting down your blackmailer without the assistance of law enforcement and the concern that you could lose control of your criminal case, we draft a compelling cease desist “memo”, not merely a letter, and pay your abuser a visit that he or she wont soon forget. Make no mistake. Our professionals always act within the bounds of the law and in the utmost ethical manner, but we are as assertive as we are overwhelmingly clear on the parameters of the criminal law and the consequences to your harasser for violating the same.

While we no longer wear our hats as prosecutors and detectives, knowing how to build a case and preserve evidence to combat Blackmail, Extortion, Coercion and Harassment is of unparalleled value to our clients whether they want our blackmail lawyers and criminal attorneys to confront their abuser to end their criminal activities or they want us to provide the District Attorney with a case that is ready to prosecute. Whatever our client decides, they know they are in good hands to protect their lives and families today as well in the days, week, months and years to come.

Saland Law PC is a criminal defense law firm representing those accused of Extortion, Blackmail, Coercion and Harassment as well as a criminal law practice experienced and regularly representing clients in victimization by extorters, harassers, blackmailers and illegal coercers.

To learn more about these crimes and the services we provide, review this blog, the links above and the Saland Law websites as well as the New York Daily News story on Saland Law PC’s handling of these highly sensitive and secretive matters. Additional information is available on the Extortion, Blackmail, and Coercion Protection and Investigation page at

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