New York Criminal Lawyers Keep Client Out of State Prison After Two Indictments Charging Enterprise Corruption, First Degree Grand Larceny and Other Crimes

The New York white collar criminal defense attorneys and former Manhattan prosecutors at Saland Law PC are pleased to announce a successful disposition for a client charged in an alleged Enterprise Corruption and Grand Larceny scheme involving multiple millions of dollars. Our client, a physician, had been indicted by a New York County Grand Jury for his alleged involvement in a scheme to perpetrate insurance fraud. It was claimed by prosecutors that phony patients would see the physician as well as his colleagues and that the physician would fraudulently bill medicaid. In all, the State of New York claimed our client, in concert with other physicians and specialists, bilked the government out of more than six million dollars.

Compounding matters, prosecutors alleged in a second indictment that our client had violated a restraining order after much of his assets were frozen. It was alleged that our client accessed certain monies without prior permission. The second indictment charged Contempt and Falsifying Business Records. Our client faced up to eight and one third to twenty five years in prison on the First Enterprise Corruption and Grand Larceny indictment and a consecutive one and one third to four years in prison on the second Contempt and Falsifying Business Records Indictment.

Although it took some time, extensive negotiations and legal wrangling, our client obtained an extremely favorable disposition where he avoided going to state prison and was required to make partial restitution. Although our client accepted some responsibility for his actions, we argued that much of what occurred did so without his knowledge or involvement. The deal obtained for the client by Saland Law PC seemed even greater after the other defendants, who refused to negotiate and take some responsibility for their actions, were convicted after a costly trial. The trial not only lasted in excess of six weeks, but the Court sentenced one of the men to one and one half to four and one half years in state prison and the other to two and one half to seven and one half years in state prison. Both were required to pay similar restitution.

For this particular client, the reality was that he was not going to avoid a criminal conviction even though he was not involved in or aware of the scheme in its entirety. Moreover, even if we were successful in litigating the initial indictment, the second indictment was that much more formidable. Fortunately, the New York criminal lawyers at Saland Law PC mitigated the offenses and disposed of the two indictments while keeping our client from serving time in state prison.

The former Manhattan prosecutors at Saland Law PC represent the accused throughout New York City and the region. Before establishing the criminal defense practice, both founding members served as prosecutors under Robert Morgenthau and were lead prosecutors on multi-jurisdictional and multi-million dollar fraud investigations. For additional information on the crimes listed above, please review the respective links and go to the New York Criminal Lawyer Blog where extensive information on these and other crimes can be found.

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