New York Criminal Lawyer Identity Theft Crime & Punishment Information Page: New York Penal Law Sections 190.78, 190.79 & 190.80

Identity Theft, one of the most significant and frequently prosecuted crimes in New York City as well as the State of New York, is a growing concern for prosecutors and law enforcement. Although there are many New York criminal lawyers who have a general knowledge of the crimes and punishment associated with Identity Theft, they may not have a command of the statutes. Those statutes are New York Penal Law 190.78 (Third Degree Identity Theft), New York Penal Law 190.79 (Second Degree Identity Theft) and New York Penal Law 190.80 (First Degree Identity Theft). While Identity Theft in the Third Degree is a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail, Identity Theft in the Second and Third Degrees are “E” and “D” felonies punishable by up to four and seven years in state prison respectively.

Because many people do not fully understand the nuances of the Identity Theft criminal statutes, Saland Law PC has put together a New York Identity Theft Crime Information Page. The purpose of this page is not to give advice to those accused of Identity Theft crimes or to attorneys representing clients charged with Identity Theft offenses, but to be a source of education for anyone interested in learning more about New York criminal law.

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In depth information on the crimes of Identity Theft can be found through the link. Additional information on these and related crimes is located n the Saland Law PC website as well as the New York Criminal Lawyer Blog.

Saland Law PC is a Manhattan based criminal defense firm representing the accused throughout the New York City region. Before starting the firm, our two founding New York criminal lawyers served in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. Jeremy Saland served in the Trial Division and Identity Theft Unit Major Case Section while Elizabeth Crotty Served in both the Trial and Investigation Divisions.

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