New York Criminal Lawyer Blog Earns Top Ranking as Best Criminal Law Blog and Other Saland Law PC Successes

TopBlogJeremy Saland and Elizabeth Crotty, founding partners at the New York criminal defense firm Saland Law PC, are excited to announce that their New York Criminal Lawyer Blog finished as the top criminal law blog in the nation after the Expert Institute closed its polls and tallied all its votes. Competing against more than 500 blogs where north of 30,000 readers cast their votes for the best legal and top lawyer blogs, the New York Criminal Lawyer Blog did not merely compete, but took home this highest honor of  “Best Criminal Law Blog.” Outpacing multiple dozens of law related blogs (or blawgs), the New York Criminal Lawyer Blog ranked as the best criminal defense blog both in New York and across the entire United States as per readers’ votes. Not stopping there, the blog reached as high as eighth overall across all categories during the top blog competition.

The New York Criminal Lawyer Blog has continually served as a tremendous resources for those accused of crimes in New York and for those who may not have been arrested or are the target of an investigation, but merely want to understand New York criminal law. As Jeremy Saland has repeatedly noted, the criminal defense and criminal law blog is by no means a substitute for a consultation on your particular criminal issue(s), but is a valuable tool nonetheless to make you better informed when deciding on legal counsel and how to proceed with your case. No, reading the criminal law blog will not make you an expert on New York’s Penal Law, but at a minimum it should answer some questions you may have or point you to the right statute or case for review. Since 2008, the New York Criminal Lawyer Blog has published north of 1,000 entries and continues to provide insightful, yet very readable, analysis and review of criminal law case results, interesting newsworthy cases and the criminal code.

While our New York criminal lawyers are proud of this acknowledgment, it only means so much. What’s behind it, however, is vastly more significant. To attain these rankings and reviews, colleagues, fellow attorneys, readers and even possible clients provide input. As such, the website badge or listing is nice, but it is a testament to our skill, experience and advocacy on behalf of clients in the area of criminal law. No, not every client charged with or accused of a crime will walk away from an arrest or an indictment without a criminal record or with full exoneration if they retain our firm. No criminal lawyer or any type of attorney could make such a bold, and dishonest, assertion. Merely because a NY criminal defense attorney achieved a particular result 99 times before in no way means he or she will do the same for you. Instead, whether this blog, the NewYorkTheftAndLarcenyLawyersBlog.Com,, or any of our other informational sites provide assistance, that is what is important. Armed with some degree of knowledge and foundation, it is our hope that our readers retain the right counsel for them regardless of whomever that lawyer may be.

Winning the Expert Institute’s Top Blog for criminal law is one of many recent honors that our New York criminal lawyers and former Manhattan prosecutors have achieved. Elizabeth Crotty secured recognition as a Super Lawyer while the Trial National Lawyers awarded Jeremy Saland the title of “Top 100 Trial Lawyers” and the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys ranked Jeremy as one of their “Top Ten” for 2016.

Should you or a family member face criminal prosecution, arrest, indictment or trial, or, if you are a victim or witnesses to a crime, the New York criminal lawyers at Saland Law PC strive to represent such people with the respect and consideration they deserve along with advocacy steeped in knowledge and experience.

Saland Law PC is a New York City based criminal defense law practice representing clients in all criminal matters throughout the New York City region including many suburban counties and municipalities. Both founding members served in Robert Morgenthau’s Manhattan District Attorney’s Office prior to establishing the law firm.


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