New NY Criminal Defense Firm Established – Saland Law PC – All NY & Federal Criminal Matters

After months of planning, Jeremy Saland, the founding member of the Law Office of Jeremy Saland, a NY based criminal defense firm, is pleased to announce his partnership with Elizabeth Crotty and the formation of Saland Law PC. Obtaining successful results for our clients since our inception, Saland Law PC, is a full service law firm representing clients in all criminal matters in New York State and Federal courts. Although the main focus of Saland Law PC, is representing clients in all stages of a criminal investigation from pre-arrest procedures through hearing, trials and appeals, we also represent clients in civil litigation and other legal matters as well.

Prior to forming Saland Law PC, both Jeremy Saland and Elizabeth Crotty served as prosecutors under Robert Morgenthau in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. Elizabeth Crotty served in Trial Division where she was assigned to the Domestic Violence Unit and handled cases from pre-arrest investigations through grand jury and trial. Additionally, Ms. Crotty served in the Investigation Division in the Special Prosecutions Bureau where she prosecuted international white collar fraud schemes and worked on the Oil-For-Food Investigation involving the United Nations. Upon leaving the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office after six years of service, Ms. Crotty was an associate at a boutique civil litigation firm in Manhattan for over two years.

Like Ms. Crotty, Mr. Saland served in the Trial Divistion of the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and the Domestic Violence Unit where he conducted numerous hearings and tried numerous cases involving crimes of fraud, theft and violence. Mr. Saland continued to gain valuable experience working alongside the NYPD, Secret Service, State Department and Postal Inspection Service conducting large scale fraud investigations after his assignment to the Identity Theft Unit. As one of the founding members of the Identity Theft Unit upon its creation, Mr. Saland received hands on training in crimes relating to computer fraud, identity theft and other offense. Upon leaving the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office after seven years of service, Mr. Saland worked in two boutique criminal defense firms before starting his criminal defense practice and ultimately Saland Law PC.

Whether you are a witness to or a target of any criminal investigation, you have already been arrested, or you are seeking experienced counsel on a complex civil matter, Saland Law PC knows there there is no substitute for dedicated, experienced, and skilled counsel. Whatever legal issues you may face, Saland Law PC is ready to formulate and implement a plan of action to protect your rights, liberty and integrity.

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