Mets Fan Pleads Guilty to Petit Larceny After Stealing Memorabilia: Yankee Fans Fear Prosecution for Stealing Mets’ Thunder

A die-hard Mets fan and employee at old Shea stadium, Gerald Tacopino, pleaded guilty today in Queens Criminal Court for the misdemeanor crime of Petit Larceny. When sentenced, Mr. Tacopino was fined $500 and paid just over $800 in restitution. Mr. Tacopino was previously arrested after a search warrant at his residence revealed Mr. Tacopino had stolen 23 Mets security caps, three Mets security jackets, five Mets security shirts, three seat bottoms and one seat back.

District Attorney Brown clearly meant business when he stated:

“As the Mets played their final weekend of the 2008 regular season, my office and the New York Mets announced a zero tolerance policy regarding potential theft and/or vandalism at Shea Stadium. Apparently the defendant did not heed the message. His theft of Shea memorabilia has now resulted in a criminal record, the paying of more than a thousand dollars in fines and civil penalties.”

This plea and conviction has sent tremors through Yankee Nation as it remains to be seen whether or not all Yankee players and fans will be vigorously prosecuted for stealing the Mets’ thunder for the past few decades. Saland Law PC is a New York criminal defense firm founded by two former Manhattan prosecutors. Saland Law PC represents clients throughout the New York City region.

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