Jason Itzler, of NY Confidential Fame, Arrested Again for Allegedly Running a Manhattan Escort Service

According to the New York Post, Jason Itzler, the self described “King of All Pimps” behind New York Confidential, was arrested again after prosecutors picked up the convicted felon for Promoting Prostitution, Money Laundering and Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance. Itzler had previously been convicted in New York County upon a plea of guilty to Money Laundering and Promoting Prostitution. Ultimately, Itzler served less than two years in state prison. Because he is a predicate felon, should prosecutors be successful the second time around, prison is mandatory for itzler. In an interesting side story at the time and currently worth noting, Itzler’s counsel, Paul Bergrin, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor. It was alleged that the attorney took over his client’s business and ran the escort service after his client was incarcerated. Bergrin is currently facing trial in New Jersey Federal Court on other matters.

It is alleged that Itzler re-created an online escort service in Manhattan. At some point he also is alleged to have sold cocaine.

Because of the past convictions and current allegations, the former pimp has many difficulties ahead. Due to the nature of these cases and the use of the internet for this type of commerce, it is likely that prosecutors have been investigating Itzler for some time while also taking a more pro-active approach in obtaining evidence and strengthening their case. Couple these circumstances with Itzler’s MySpace page, where he last logged in September 8, 2011, that indicates his income is north of $250,000, there is little doubt prosecutors believe they have a strong argument for significant bail.

Should Itzler be convicted of these crimes, as noted above, he must go to prison. The likely degree of Promoting Prostitution he is charged with is a “D” felony punishable by a minimum of two to four years in prison and a maximum of three and one half to seven. If he is convicted of selling cocaine, he faces two to twelve years in prison. Lastly, Money Laundering can enhance his term of incarceration even higher. Assuming (it is merely an assumption) that the offense involved in excess of $50,000 but equal to or less than $1,000,000, Itzler would face three to six years minimum and up to seven and one half to fifteen years in prison.

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