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Saland Law PC, a New York criminal defense firm founded by two former Manhattan prosecutors, has created a New York Bribery law and Bribery crime information page. The statutes in the New York Penal Law that address Bribery are New York Penal Law sections 200.00, 200.03 and 200.4. These crimes are Bribery in the Third, Second and First Degrees and are punishable by up to seven, fifteen and twenty five years in prison respectively.

It is important to note that in the realm of Bribery arrests, charges and indictments, there is often confusion by those not familiar with the criminal law in New York. First, Bribery, regardless of the degree, involves public servants and not private citizens. Second, if you pay a public servant for conduct he or she has already done, as opposed to paying to influence a future action, the crime is likely not Bribery. Instead, that crime is likely Rewarding Official Misconduct.

While the Bribery information page is not a substitute for an in depth consultation with your New York criminal lawyer as to the elements of Bribery and your specific defenses to the allegations, it does provide a place where you can educate yourself on the crimes to further ensure that your conversation and consultation with your Bribery criminal defense attorney will be thorough.

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