CraigsList Escort Ring Indictment: “Room Service Entertainment” Nailed for Enterprise Corruption and Prostitution Related Crimes

From Andrew Cuomo to Robert Morgenthau, state and local prosecutors continue to vigorously prosecute crimes relating to Prostitution, Permitting Prostitution, and Promoting Prostitution. NY criminal defense attorneys experienced in these crimes, such as the criminal defense lawyers and former prosecutors at Saland Law PC, know that these offenses are only the tip of the iceburg. More significant crimes of Enterprise Corruption and Money Laundering lurk behind every corner where crews and organizations run these large scale escort enterprises. Case in point…the unsealed indictment in Queens County against seven alleged co-conspirators who ran “Room Service Entertainment.”

The 47 Count indictment unsealed today against Scott “Sal” Rosenberg, 45; Patricia “Nikki” Krupa, 32; Josef Davenport, 31; Joanna “Anna” Mercado, 24; Sylvia “Jamie” Soto, 29; Lina “Tina” Vazquez; and Barbara “Lisa” Morris, 48, accuses each of the individuals with Enterprise Corruption and related crimes. Enterprise Corruption requires that an organization have an “ascertainable structure” and is punishable by up to 25 years in state prison. Both Rosenberg and Davenport are alleged to be the mind and money behind the operation and ran the crew.

The Attorney General’s Office had been investigating this ring that allegedly advertised with the Village Voice as well as CraigsList from June 2007 through December 2008. According to the Attorney General’s website, the individuals in this team had distinct roles from bookers to prostitutes to the financial men behind the organization. Terms such as “skiing” were allegedly used to discuss sexual relations or “GFE” while “rock climbing” was used to arrange for parties with drugs. The ring allegedly operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in NYC and the surrounding suburbs. Craigslist has been under fire lately for permitting such organizations to flourish on the web.

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