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Make no mistake. If you do not show up to court in New York on the date you are required to do so, a Bench Warrant will be issued. Simply put, a judge will issue an order for your immediate arrest and return to court. While the following is not to be construed as advice for your particular set of facts and you should consult with a New York criminal defense attorney in the event a Bench Warrant has been issued in your case, this blog entry will address potential crimes that you may encounter and means by which to minimize the damage you may have caused by not going to court as you were required.

Unfortunately, the law sees no difference between the person who fails to return to court because they forgot the return date, were out of the state or just didn’t feel like showing up. If your New York criminal defense lawyer is advised beforehand that you will not be present and he or she can corroborate the reason why (assuming it is legitimate), often times a Bench Warrant can be avoided. However, if you merely fail to show up as indicated above, it is highly likely a Bench Warrant will be issued for your arrest and return.

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