Big League Theft: New City Little League Treasurer Arrested for Alleged Embezzlement Exceeding $100K

The Rockland County District Attorneys Office has announced the arrest of Joyce Bidnick, a New City Little League volunteer. It is alleged that Ms. Bidnick, the league’s treasurer, had embezzled in excess of $100,000 over the course of nearly eight years. It is further claimed by prosecutors that Ms. Bidnick hid her alleged theft by falsifying records and invoices. Although it is not clear as to all the charges Ms. Bidnick is facing, a theft exceeding $50,000 is considered Grand Larceny in the Second Degree. Additionally, it would not be surprising if Ms. Bidnick was charged with other crimes including Falsifying Business Records in the First Degree. These two crimes are “C” and “E” felonies punishable by up to fifteen and four years in state prison respectively.

According to reports, Ms. Bidnick is being held in custody with bail in the amount of $100,000. It is not apparent at this time whether or not a Grand Jury has indicted her. The Grand Jury must indict her within six days of her arrest or a preliminary hearing must be held. If not, the court must release Ms. Bidnick if her attorney has not consented to certain legal procedures. Whether or not Ms. Bidnick is released, the District Attorney’s Office has six months to have a Grand Jury indictment and answer ready for trial (subject to many legal qualifications).

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