Better Business Bureau Gives New York Criminal Lawyers Best Rating with Top A+ Designation

The New York criminal defense attorneys and former Manhattan prosecutors at Saland Law PC are excited not to announce another case result exonerating a client, avoiding prosecution or securing a non-criminal disposition in a New York City or suburban NYC arrest, but yet another “honor” bestowed upon the criminal defense law firm. No, this recognition has nothing to do with trial advocacy, a “top” NYC criminal lawyer award, or anything of that nature. Our criminal lawyers can never promise a client a certain result, but we can promise that we will do our best to conduct our business in a professional and ethical matter. Now our accreditation and “A+” ranking and review by the Better Business Bureau confirms that what we don’t merely make baseless assertions, but manage the law practice with nothing less than the highest standards.

Whether a client is arrested for Grand Larceny in Manhattan, possessing a firearm at a Queens airport, shoplifting in Brooklyn or drug possession in Westchester County, our criminal defense attorneys at Saland Law PC know that the best result is only achieved through advocacy, knowledge and experience. To get there, however, our clients and attorneys must trust one another from the commencement of the legal relationship. It is our collective hope that the Better Business Bureau’s “A+” rating will assist potential clients in corroborating the ethical and honest manner we conduct our business and interact with our clients.

While ringing in 2017 with a Better Business Bureau accreditation is important to our criminal lawyers, it pales in comparison to the dozens of overwhelmingly positive reviews, SuperLawyers designation, The National Trial Lawyers Top 100 recognition, National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys Top 10, and the Expert Institute’s Top Criminal Law Blog award for 2016. If nothing else, the satisfaction we receive from our clients and their respective families, the men and women we have assisted in the face of arrests, indictments, trials and mere accusations of wrongdoing, is fulfilling enough.  However,  it is a little icing on the cake to close out 2016. Now the Better Business Bureau can give those potential clients who may reside out of state or the country the security in knowing we have been vetted by an organization that sets the bar for professionalism and business integrity.

No matter the legal predicament you find yourself, Saland Law PC’s staunch advocacy is founded in a deep knowledge of the New York criminal law. Available in the event of an emergency or arrest day or night, our New York criminal lawyers are ready to assist an accused no matter the allegation. Whether you call one of our criminal defense attorneys, personally consult with one of our criminal lawyers or merely review the wealth of materials relating to the New York Penal Law on our various websites or criminal defense blogs, educate yourself on the law and prepare yourself to best ensure that you are prepared to set your strongest defense into motion.

Saland Law PC is a New York criminal defense law practice located in lower Manhattan serving clients throughout New York City, Westchester County, Rockland County and many other suburban counties and municipalities. Both founding members served as Assistant District Attorneys in Robert Morgenthau’s Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.



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