Best Possible Outcome: NY Criminal Defense Lawyers at Saland Law Obtain Dismissal of Assault in the Third Degree (PL 120.00)

Saland Law PC, one of the top New York City and Manhattan based criminal defense firms, is pleased to announce the dismissal of the criminal charge of Assault in the Third Degree, pursuant to NY Penal Law 120.00(1), against our client. The case, a difficult one to defeat, involved an alleged altercation between our client during a “road rage” type incident.

After our client’s car was struck by the complainant’s vehicle, our client, driving a mini-cooper, confronted the complainant over the incident. Our client exited the mini-cooper and approached the other vehicle. To the “big” surprise of the complainant, the man who stepped out of the mini-cooper was 6’10 and 320 pounds (I can’t speculate how he got into that mini-cooper). As the incident unfolded, the police claimed they observed our client strike the complainant through the window of the car. Ultimately, our client was arrested.

Despite the “big” issues in the case, the case in its entirety was dismissed after almost eight months of legal wrangling. Although it took some time, the client and his family were more than pleased with the outcome.

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